Pop Art Live Painting With Thomas Hurley III

February 11, 2018

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This is a trailer to An upcoming interview with a Kitsap County artists named Thomas Hurley.

Thomas graduated from the Northwest College of Art in early 2000 where he got his Fine Arts degree.  He continues to sell art all over the world and in the interview, he talks about his roadmap to success.

This is a good piece to watch for anybody aspiring to be and artist. He talks about setting parameters for yourself in order to make high-quality work. He also goes into the creative process.

Tommy Hurley is an artist that specializes in pop art which is kind of like cartoon characters painted.  The thing that sets his paintings apart from others and the thing I think people like the most about his work is that all the subjects in his paintings show emotion. I think that’s why people relate to his work so much because he captures emotion in still frame.




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